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Cutaway view of a pipeline with an interior valve.

What causes sewer drain clogs and blockages?

Commercial sewer drain clogs and blockages are most commonly caused by from dirt, debris and mineral deposits. In restaurants and food processing facilities, grease and other organic matter will build up in the pipes and drain lines very easily. Uncertain of what to do when these blockages occur in your drains? If the clog is serious, call BCAC. Our sewer drain and sewer line maintenance professionals can be there quickly and clear drains and sewer lines with our specialized and powerful equipment or by using high-pressure water jetting.

High-pressure water jetting uses a powerful machine that pumps high pressure water through the drain pipes and clears and breaks apart any clogs and debris causing the blockage. The clog can be caused by sediment build up, grease, tree roots, and other non organic matter that has built up in the pipes. Water jetting is the simplest, affordable, and most effective way to clean, unclog, and repair commercial sewer drains and sewer lines and keep them working properly.

Once a clog has been removed, a camera line inspection is a quick, easy, and accurate solution to determine the interior state of your drain pipes. This allows for visual inspection so that any sewer leaks, line breaks, or damages can be assessed and repaired.

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