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As an industry leader, BCAC utilizes only premier technology, CUES, who set the standard for closed circuit television video (CCTV) pipe inspection. Our robotic and remote controlled CCTV cameras can be inserted into existing sewer entry points anywhere from 4″ to 120″ in diameter.

CUES allows for a full and precise picture of your sewer pipe- it’s condition and any damages or areas in need of repair, often before failure occurs. During the actual inspection process, self-propelled CUES cameras can even inspect adjacent sewer laterals up to 80’. They’re the most thorough, detailed sewer pipe inspection tools in the industry.

Damage caused by issues such as root intrusion, isolated cracking or faulty joint sections, don’t usually require full pipe replacement. Instead, pipe lining can be utilized in a specific area, a technique known as sectional point repair, and is a more affordable and timely solution that resolves the issue long-term. an in

CUES inspection cameras can be configured for any of the following when used to examine damaged sewer lines:

  • Automatic and remote (manual) focus
  • Manual zoom up to 40x (optical and digital)
  • Iris control
  • Directional lighting capabilities for pipes anywhere from 6” to 48” in diameter
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Our CUES video inspection trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art camera systems, which allows zooming, panning and tilting within your sewer pipes, and to focus on specific elements such as puncturing or sewer cracking. The video inspection equipment can be fine-tuned in the field to provide crisp, clear visuals of sewer pipe damage.

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