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Sewer pipe cleaning with high-pressure nozzle equipment.

Epoxy Manhole Repair Specialists in Forth Worth, Dallas, Texas

After decades of pipe failures and sewer backups, America’s wastewater infrastructure is deteriorating and experiencing corrosion. Many municipalities are combating this issue by rehabilitating corroded and leaking manholes that intake I/I and damage the overall system. Because manholes can account for up to 30% of unnecessary groundwater, organizations have recognized that rehabilitating manholes are essential to restoring the entire wastewater system.

Epoxy Coating Manhole Rehabilitation & Lining Sewer Manholes

Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC) has been determined as a primary problem in most sewer systems. This occurs when bacteria combines with ‘sewer gas’ and produces a sulfuric acid. Extremely corrosive to concrete, steel and other metal, once the acid begins to damage the manhole, it can completely lose its ability to function properly.

With manhole rehabilitation on the rise, coatings have proven to be a beneficial product in fighting MIC and restoring manholes. Coatings create a barrier between the manhole and the acid, thus protecting the environment and adding overall service life to the system.

Top view of an open concrete cylindrical structure.

At BCAC Underground we focus on epoxy to rehab and line our sewer manholes. The reasons we use the epoxy methods are:

  • 100% solid epoxy
  • No VOCs, CFCs or HFCs
  • Odorless, solvent free & less waste
  • Builds up to 1/4” (250 mils) without sagging
  • Protects against MIC and H2S
  • Working temperature between 40º F and 120º F
  • Viscosity permits installation on vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Adhesion in damp, humid areas and surfaces
  • Fast cure time, easy installation
  • Zero shrinking

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