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Comprehensive and Accurate Diagnostics with CCTV Pipe Inspection in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

For industrial sites, the magnitude of underground plumbing and sewer systems can be difficult to inspect. The pipeline inspection company you choose to tackle this challenge must have state of the art equipment that allows you to perform thorough a thorough evaluation in order to precisely identify any problem areas. BCAC Underground is your underground pipe inspection expert in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, providing the most comprehensive range of services designed to reach all aspects of your system. We use CCTV pipe inspection to provide easy access to the entire length of your pipes regardless of size or shape.

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The Benefits of CCTV for Sewer Line Inspection

Video inspection is a thorough and non-destructive method of pipe inspection that benefits the property owner. Using CCTV video feeds, the entire pipe structure can be safely evaluated to identify corrosion, damage, blockages or debris that may exist in the network. At BCAC Underground, we use the state-of-the-art CUES system to evaluate your pipes using a real time video fed directly to our monitors, and with the ability to perform up to 40x digital zoom, even the smallest deficits can be easily and accurately identified. This technology completely eliminates the need to dig and offers extensive problem-solving benefits for large scale facilities.

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