BCAC UndergroundAbout BCAC Underground

Worker operating vacuum truck for waste removal.

Who We Are

BCAC Underground is an integrated solutions provider to a spectrum of clients including industrial gas companies, waste water municipalities, local and national governmental agencies, and construction companies and contractors.

We operate in the major metropolitan areas of Texas and Arizona and are currently expanding into other states.

We specialize in providing multiple services and solutions:

Worker operating vacuum truck equipment.
Dual computer monitors on desk with keyboard and controller.
Industrial trucks at construction site with workers

The BCAC Difference

In today’s day and age, the real world operates beyond the traditional business hours of Monday through Friday from 8-5 PM, especially when a crisis is looming. Even if it’s something relatively simple and you need to speak with your dedicated team lead, we’re here- the person who knows your project backward and forward. You’ll never reach an automated system or, worse, a call center that employs representatives unfamiliar with your projects and wastes your time.

Our Communication technique is top-notch. Our team is trained to provide real-time updates to customers and never leave you wondering about our progress and your project.

We offer every client:

  • Access to an on demand secure web portal, supported across multiple browsers
  • Detailed assessments and reports in real time, 24/7/365, with items in a variety of file types to meet your needs including:
  • overall footage videos and images
  • pipe graphs
  • recommendations and investment details
  • timeline status updates
  • Certified PACP, LACP, MACP operators on every project


With 30 years of combined hands on and executive level expertise across multiple regions of the US, partners and founders Ben Goodall and Chris Reynolds, provide customized solutions that suit individual client needs. With today’s world constantly changing, BCAC offers only the best; effective, leading and emerging technological solutions for your organization. We remain committed to keeping your team informed along the entire pathway of your project.